Welcome to Team HTC. Because you're part of the team we consider you a friend. And what do friends do? They help each other out—hook each other up. So friend, we want to hook you up with some great rewards. We call them Perks.

Here's how they work

Every time you share, refer or make a purchase on you earn perk points or perks. You can redeem perks for swag like a cup of coffee, free downloads, and of course awesome HTC products.

How do you get perks?



Share your love for HTC on Facebook, Twitter or through email to earn Perks.



When you refer friends and they purchase an HTC device, they can get up to $100 off and you'll earn Perks – It's that simple.



Every time you make a purchase at you'll earn even more Perks.

What is a Perk and What is a Perk Worth?

A perk is a way for us at HTC to reward you for being a friend of ours a part of the team. For every dollar you spend at HTC you will get at least 3 Perks and the same goes for every time a friend of your purchases through one of your unique links. Sometimes even more!

Why should I share HTC stuff?

We will give you the ability to help your friends get discounts on products at HTC. Sign up, Share your unique link, and your friends can get up to $100 off an HTC device.

What do I get?

Not only do your friends save money but each time they buy through your links you will also earn Perks that you can redeem for tons of stuff later!

How to redeem Perks?

One you sign up you can browse to your dashboard and select from a number of rewards based on how many Perks you have. Choose your swag. Get a code. Redeem your Perks.

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